pepper the wonder dog

the wonder dog

So, for my first official post, I am going to talk about somebody who has come into my life in the last few days. pepper is a chihuahua that came to live with me. she was rescued from a shelter in L.A mere hours before she was going to be put down. A lady(her foster mom before i adopted her) saw her right before she was going to walk out of the SPCA and decided to take her home. The only problem was, she already had 3 dogs, which is the limit in Vancouver. pepper needed a home and I was the only one who emailed, god forbid i had not  seen her up for adoption online, and she had gone back to a shelter. she had been abused and neglected. She is 14 yrs young, and chipper as can be. she is deaf, but is still a happy little angel. she teaches me to live everyday to the fullest and not focus so much on the future. i catch my self wondering, when will she die, whats the point of bonding with her if shes going to die..but why think that way, I am learning to live each day as it comes, and i believe pepper was sent here to teach me that. if you are wanting a pet, a senior animal, especially if you have a smaller home and not much time to get out for hours of exercise and walks, can be a great choice.


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